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Shop Assistant: Can I help you?
Mother: I'd like to buy a light summer frock for my daughter.
Shop Assistant (addressing Jane, a slim fifteen-years old girl): What size d'you wear?
Jane: I don't know exactly. 24 or 26 maybe. Can you measure me?
Shop Assistant (measures the girl): You're 24" waist. What d'you think of this pale-blue one, made of silk. It's the latest fashion.
Jane: I don't think so. The frock is not bad, but it's slightly out-of-fashion. Besides, the cut is not perfect, the skirt is too long, the collar looks awful and so do the sleeves. And I don't quite like the colour. Will you please show me another dress. I'd like to have a look at this pink one.
Shop Assistant: Just a moment! Well, here you are. The size is yours.
Jane: Thank you greatly. Can I try it on?
Shop Assistant: Certainly, you can. This way, please. (In the fitting-room Jane puts the dress on and looks at the mirror.Then she asks her mother to come in and have a look at her.)
Jane: What d'you think, Mum? Isn't it terribly pretty? The cut is fantastic, the colour is raving.
Mother: I'd rather say fabulous! Besides, it's a bit loose on you to my mind. You look incredibly thin as though you're dying of hunger.
Jane: Mum?!
Shop Assistant: Oh, please, don't say so. It fits her perfectly. Take my advice and buy it.
Mother: How much does it cost?
Shop Assistant: $150.
Mother: It isn't very cheap, is it?
Shop Assistant: But the dress is from the last fashion collection. Don't you want your daughter look smart?
Mother: Do you really think so? Well, where is the cash desk?
Shop Assistant: This way, please. Good luck.