7 класс. unit 8, lesson 5 ex.7

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1).what was the score five minutes before the end of the match?

4).why couldn't the tigers score?

5).why couldn't the bears score?

6).how many saves did stabber make?

7).how many bears did misha dodge?

8).will misha be a defender in the next game?


Ответы и объяснения

  • kimu
  • хорошист

1. The score was 45 points. 

4. The tigers couldn't score because they didn't hit enough goals. 

5. The bears couldn't score because they weren't playing too well. 

6. The stabber made around 10 saves.

7. Misha dodged around 5 bears.

8. Misha will probably not be the defender in the next game.