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One of the widely known distinctive features of many protein is their ability to store for the winter nuts. Some species of squirrels bury them in the ground, others are hiding in the hollows of trees. As scientists believe, poor memory, some types of protein, in particular sulphur, helps to preserve the forest, since they bury nuts in the ground and forget about them, and of germinated seeds, new trees
Unlike hares and deer, squirrels are unable to process cellulose
], and therefore mainly feed on vegetation, rich in protein, carbohydrates and fats. The worst time for protein is the early spring, when buried seeds begin to germinate and can no longer serve as a food, and the new has not yet ripe. In this period squirrels feed on buds of trees, in particular silver maple saccharinum). Despite the widely held opinion, proteins are omnivorous: except nuts, seeds, fruits, mushrooms and green vegetation they also eat insects, eggs and even small birds, mammals and frogs. Very often this food replaces proteins nuts in tropical countries.
Proteins are considered the smartest animals in the localities they are able to feed, bird feeders, digging plants planted in search of seeds and settle in areas, such as the attic. Although many companies sell feeders with protection from protein, very few of them really effective.
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 We lived near the forest. One fine morning, and quite common, our neighbor, Galina, as usual, went to work. What was unusual was that the road she found on the ground frozen protein (then we have not figured out what purpose she picked her. Maybe on a scarecrow on the collar can or on the principle of "anything goes in the economy"). In general, she carried the squirrel home, and she went to work. Son had already been in school, and her husband the day of the trip back.

After a couple of hours looking into the department and the chief tells us that calls Galkin husband with some strange questions, they say everything is with his wife in order not to have noticed anything strange me and asked her to rush home.

In general, the protein that was not dead, but very much alive. Warmed up in an apartment and decided that she'd hostess. Galya ours on your trouble, baked pancakes in the morning and left a note to her husband. Those protein pancakes throughout the apartment and hung out to dry. Rasstaralas especially in the corridor on elk horns. Well, when the apartment door began to open - hid.

Мы тогда жили рядом с лесом. В одно прекрасное и вполне обычное утро, наша соседка Галина, как водится, пошла на работу. Необычным было то, что по дороге она нашла на земле замёрзшую белку (мы потом так и не выяснили, с какой целью она её подобрала. Может на чучело, может на воротник или же по принципу "в хозяйстве всё сгодится"). В общем, отнесла она белку домой, а сама уехала на работу. Сын к тому времени уже был в школе, а муж в этот день из командировки возвращался. Через пару часов заглядывает в отдел начальник и говорит нам, что звонит Галкин муж с какими-то странными вопросами, мол всё ли с его женой в порядке, не заметили ли мы чего-нибудь странного и просит срочно отправить её домой.В общем, оказалась та белка отнюдь не мёртвой, а очень даже живой. Отогрелась в квартире и решила, что она тут хозяйка. А Галя наша, себе на беду, с утра блинов напекла и записку мужу оставила. Белка те блины по всей квартире на просушку и развесила. Особенно расстаралась в коридоре на лосиных рогах. Ну а когда дверь в квартиру стала открываться - спряталась.