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Why can't rip off a mole?
Moles (otherwise they called nevi) are nothing but as benign tumors located on our skin. Harmless, it would seem, moles actually pose a mortal danger, because there is always a chance of their rebirth of benign tumor malignant. A malignant tumor is called melanoma, and is one of the most dangerous forms of cancer, virtually untreatable.
Any damage moles can lead to disastrous effect, therefore, can in no case be a rip off, cut, tie a thread. If your mole prevent you, for example, is in an awkward spot and constantly rubbed clothes, or just not very nice looks, then remove it it is possible only in a medical facility after a thorough examination by the relevant specialization, surgeon or oncologist.
Which doctor to go - you decide. If a mole looks homogeneous, not very large and does not cause special concern, no pain and no bleeding, it would be enough to seem like a surgeon. If your mole began to rapidly grow in size, was heterogeneous in color, its surface is rough or with notches this very significant occasion immediately to an oncologist.
No need to delay a visit to the doctor, because if benign mole became cancerous tumor, the growth of atypical cells is very fast. Melanoma - aggressive tumor, its cells divide very quickly and are able spreads throughout the body, affecting any body. On the site of the lesion occurs metastasis, can lead to death within a very short time.
Moles a person can be anywhere, even on the soles of the feet. They can be flat, resulting in the upper layer of the skin called the epidermis, and convex, appeared more deeply. Special attention to the moles should be, if a lot of them, either in the family there is a genetic predisposition to cancer. So people should regularly inspect the moles, avoid contact with direct sunlight, which can provoke the growth of cancer cells, and regularly go to the doctor.