Помогите по англ сочинение вот проект на тему school in which I would like to study заранее большое спасибо!!

большое нужно?
да не сильно о самом гавном чтоб типо басссейн и всё такое ну пожалуста сделайте завтра 2 будет ёмаё!
ща напишу

Ответы и объяснения

Partly the school in which I study is the same as the school in my dreams. It's very important to feel oneself comfortable at school. That's why a school should be good in color, furniture and modern in school staff. As for me teachers are the most important part of the school of my dreams. The should be the second parents and feel responsibilities about future of their pupils. On the third place I think is different activities that pupils may attend. I mean swimming pool, training room, art and dance activities and so on.
Every morning purple should want to go to school and get up with pleasure. But it's not only a purple and his parents duty. It's only a duty if school and it's workers.