1. I (to be) in London this year. 2. We (to see) this film before. 3. He (not to met) his parents. 4. She (to hear) this music before. 5. I (to write) a new book this month. 6. They (not to finish) their work yet. 7. Alan (not to have) his breakfast. 8. Cathy (not to get) up yet. 9. Martin (not to wash) up yet. 10. We (not to tell) him the truth. 11. You (to mention) my name? 12. Your mother already (to come)? 13. Where Martin (to go)? 14. Why John (to take) this book? 15. Jane (to be) at the theatre this week?


Ответы и объяснения

1: have been
2: have seen:
3: hasn't met
4: has heard
5 have written:
6: hasn't finished
7: haven't
8: hasn't got up
9: hasn't washed up
10: haven't told
11: have mantioned
12: Has your mother already come?
13: Where has Martin gone?
14: Why has John taken this book?
15: Has Jane been at the theatre this week?