ДАЮ 81 БАЛЛА))ОЧЕНЬ СРОЧНО )ПРИОЧЕНЬ ДО ЗАВТРА.Помогите с контрольной по английскому.
1)На фотографии сделать первый вариант.
2)I.Надо выбрать правильный ответ
1.Nina is wearing blue silk/slim dress
2.Mike presented Sue original/genuine wool scarf for ring isher birthday
3.Jake rented/lent big car for their long journey yesterday
4.Can l lend/borrow your phone just to make a call to my mother?
5.This ring is made of gold.It's really priceless/worthless
6.Do you think this froral dress match/fit to my shoes?
II.Надо выбрать правильный ответ
1.Ira wanted to buy a new fur-coat,but her father put his..........down.
2.When Hugo's father saw that his son had broken his car,he lost his........
3.I can't solve this task.Can you please give me a.........
4.Stop pulling my.......!Tell me the truth!
III.Выбрать правильный ответ.
1.I don't know how you put up with/through his rudeness for so long
2.Dan put with/on his coat and went out
3.Never put off/in till tomorrow what you can do today
4.Can you put me with/through to the director,please?
5.It took the fighters two hours to put off/out the fire
6.He put his notebook on/away and stood up
7.The fashion snow has been put off/out until next Friday
IV.Надо вставить in,to,for,with
1.Are you addicted.....coffee?
2.Baggy trousers are...trend again this year
3.The programme appeals....adults
4.I suggest buying him a trendy shirt....a change


Ответы и объяснения

1. has been playing
2. went
3. has been painting
4. had cleaned
5. did you buy
6. has been studying
7. has eaten
8. has set
9. was talking
10. decided
I. 1 silk, 2 original, 3 rented, 4 borrow, 5 priceless, 6 match
II. 1 foot, 2 mind, 3 hand, 4 leg
III. 1 with, 2 on, 3 off, 4 through, 5 out, 6 away, 7 off
IV. 1 to, 2 in, 3 with, 4 for

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