complete the definitions with who,which,or where
1)they're people____ make you laugh
2)it's a machine ____cuts the grass
3)it's an animal____ lives in the sea and has eight legs
4)it's a room ____people try on clothes
5)he's the person ____helps you with your luggage
6)it's kind of food ____keeps vampires away
write sentences with who,which or where
1)she/the woman/lives next door to me
2)that /the shop/i bought my dress
3)he/the actor/was in friends
4)they/the children /broke my window
5)this/the restaurant/they do great pasta
6)that/the switch /controls the central heating
7)he/the teacher/teaches my sister
8)that/the room/we have our meetings


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1. who
2. which
3. which
4. where
5. who
6. which
1. She is the woman who lives next door to me
2. That is the shop where I bought my dress
3. He is the actor who was in friends
4.They are the children who broke my window
5. This is the restaurant where they do great pasta
6. That is the switch which controls the central heating
7. He is the teacher who teaches my sister
8.That is the room where we have our meetings