Срочно! составить 6 мини диалогов с выражением "What on earth...?", "Any chance...?", "..., after all.", "I mean.", "How come...?" и "More or less, ..."
Пожалуйста, срочно!!!


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1. - Man it was so awesome yesterday! - What on earth are you talking about? - Oh, don't tell me that you wasn't at a party yesterday. Or was you? - No, I was getting ready for a test. - What?! Test?! 2. - Why are you so sad? - Tell me what you think. Is there any chance that she will forgive me? - I really don't know. If she loves you she will. 3. - You know, school is not so bad after all. - Are you kidding me?! It's the worst thing ever! 4. - How come you didn't come to me yesterday? - I'm so sorry but I couldn't. - oh, it's okay. 5. - why are. you so tired? - well, i had about 25 patients maybe more or less. - You should have a rest.