Раскройте скобки,употребляя глаголы Present,past или future simple
1.how often you (to go) to the dentist's?
2.We (not to have) very good weatherm but we still (to have) a good time during our short to stay in London.
3.She (to do) all the washing in their house.
4.He even (not to know) to use washing machine.
5.Two years ago they (to be) rich and money (to be) never a problem.
6.You (to think) you (to be) happy in your new neighborhood?
7.When the cabbage soup (to be) ready?
8.The customs officers at FJK airport in New York (to arrest) that young man when he (to arrive).
9.I (to like) to get on with my friends,so i often (to do) what they (to want).
10.When (to be) your birthday?

II.Раскройте скобки,употребляя глаголы в Present Perfect,Present Progressive.

1.I (not feel) well,get me a glass of water!
2.Keep quiet,we (listen) to the music.
4.I (want) you to do that at once
5.You (eat) too much, so of course you are fat
6.You (pass) your driving test yet?
7........ you ever (to take part in) swimming competitions?-No, never
8.Mary (not/do) her English homework yet.
9.We can't enter the room.I (loose) my key.
10.You (finish) your job?-Not yet.


Ответы и объяснения

1 How often do you go..?
2. We don't have.....we still have...
3.She does.all the washing ...
4. He doesn't even knoq how to ....
5. ....they were rich and money was never...
6. Do you think you will be happy in ....?
7. When will the cabbage soup be ready?
8. .... will arrest when he arrives.
9. I like ....., so I often do what they want.
10. When is your bithday?

1. I am not feeling ...
2. ....we are listerning to ...
3. Have you heard anything?
4. I want you ... (want - не употребляется в Progressive)
5. You are eating too much...
6. Have you passed your driving ....?
7. Have you ever taken part in....?
8. Mary hasn't done her ....
9. ..... I have lost my key.
10 Have you finished your job?