Напишите историю( 10 предложений), о том как Колумб открыл Америку.


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1 . On travel it was necessary to wait for the royal decision whole … seven лет.2. But here long expectations behind, and on August 3, 1492 three ships – "Santa Maria", "Pint" and "Ninya" – under Christopher Columbus's command headed on запад.3. Together with it went 90 человек.4. Approximately in one and a half months of swimming on the open ocean Columbus noticed bunches shaking on waves водорослей.5. Means, nearby земля.6. There were birds! 7.12 October – for the seventy first day of swimming – from "Pint" shout was distributed:– I see the earth! 8 . Soon Columbus sticks to coast of Cuba and Gaiti.9. The seafarer didn't know that he открыл.10. Columbus was sure that came to the Asian continent and is somewhere near Yaponii.11. So he also reported on Ferdinand, having returned to Spain.

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