Выберите из скобок требующуюся форму причастия.
1 . a) The girl (writing, written) on the blackboard is our best pupil
b) Everything (writing, written) here is quite right.
2. a) The house (surrounding, surrounded) by tall trees is very beautiful.
b) The wall (surrounding, surrounded) the house was very high.
3. a) Who is that boy (doing, done) his homework at that table?
b) The exercises (doing, done) by the pupils were easy.
4. a) The girl (washing, washed) the floor is my sister.
b) The floor (washing, washed) by Helen looked very clean.
5. a) We listened to the girls (singing, sung) Russian folk songs.
b) We listened to the Russian folk songs (singing, sung) by the girls.
6. Do you know the girl (playing, played) in the garden?
7. The book (writing, written) by this scientist is very interesting.
8. Translate the words (writing, written) on the blackboard.
9. We could not see the sun (covering, covered) by dark clouds.
10. The (losing, lost) book was found at last.
11 (Going, gone) along the street, I met Mary and Ann.
12. Read the (translating, translated) sentences once more.
13. Name some places (visiting, visited) by you last year.
14. I picked up the pencil (lying, lain) on the floor.
15. She was reading the book (buying, bought) the day before.
16. Yesterday we were at a conference (organizing, organized) by the pupils of the 10th form.
17. (Taking, taken) the girl by the hand, she led her across the street.
18. It was not easy to find the (losing, lost) stamp.
19. I shall show you a picture (painting, painted) by Hogarth.
20. Here is the letter (receiving, received) by me yesterday.
21. Look at the beautiful flowers (gathering, gathered) by the children.
22. His hat (blowing, blown) off by the wind was lying m the middle of the street.
23. ''How do you like the film?" he asked, (turning, turned) towards me.
24. When we came nearer, we saw two boys (coming, come) towards us.
25. I think that the boy (standing, stood) there is his brother.


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1. a) writing b) written
2. a) surrounded b) surrounding
3. a) doing b) done
4. a) washing b) washed
5. a) singing b) sing
6. playing
7. written
8. written
9. covered
10. lost 
11. going
12. translated
13. visited
14. lying
15. bought
16. organized
17. taken
18. lost
19. painted
20. received
21. gathered
22. blown
23. turning
24. coming
25. standing