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1. They have been in London. 

2. They will be in London in 2005. 


1. She has been in South Africa.

2. She was in South Africa two years ago. 


1. I have been to Wales. 

2. I went to Wales last year. 


1. He has has breakfast. 

2.He has breakfast ten minutes ago. 


1.We have finished the work. 

2.We finished the work an hour ago. 


1.He has cleaned his room.

2.He cleaned his room last Saturday. 


1. They have been to London.

They were in London in 2005.

2. She has been to South Africa

She was in South Africa 2 years ago

3. I have been to Wales

I was in  Wales last year

4. He has had breakfast

He had breakfast ten minutes ago

5. We have finished the work

We finished the work an hour ago

6. He has cleaned his room

He cleaned his room last Saturday