Составить 20 вопросов, о том, как Учитель провёл свой отпуск в Тайланде.
Помогите пожалуйста, срочно надо:)

ask him where did he make money for traveling!)

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  • neznajkin
  • почетный грамотей
1) When did you travel to Thailand?
2) What was the weather like during the trip?
3) Did you take many things with you there?
4) Had you learnt anything about the country before you went there?
5) What traditions of the people of that country did you like?
6) What did not you like there?
7) Was it difficult to orientate in the unknown place?
8) What was you usual day like?
9) Did you visit any excursion there?
10) Was their nature similar to that of our's?
11) Did you swim in the sea?
12) Where did you live?
13) Did you like the kitchen?
14) Did you try any national food?
15)What was the strongest impression?
16) Would you like to live in Thailand?
17) How much time did you spend in Thailand?
18) Were there many Russian people there?
19) What language did you speak there?
20) Did you like the trip?