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Сочинение на тему My sense of fashion(хотя бы пример)


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Sometimes it seems that fashion fully longer has power over us. If you look funny, but fashionably dressed, you're cool, but if not fashionable loser... Meet is known on clothes. It is very sad that we, in the majority, meeting the man look the way he is dressed, his clothes, the record labels, and not on the face and the eyes. We become slaves of our stereotypes and their bodies were dressed in fashionable shell, which sometimes is not visible to us самих.Уже long ceased to be fashionable to turn junk in the cult, the pathos, the word "glamour" is already among many normal people just causes the contemptuous laughter and image Sergei Zverev in the head. Things with labels тряют its value. Not in terms of their value, and in terms of relevance. Now fashionable that exclusive and exclusive things so far unknown designers that exist in a single copy. Not publicized collections of famous brands, gathering dust on the shelves of stores, waiting for the day when someone will accumulate on so long ago желаные jeans couture...We appreciate not what you need to appreciate. We have long ceased to appreciate the simple things, because we firmly and for a long time took the power of the word "fashion" and "glamorous"... And did not valuable kindness, friendship, honesty, love? Young girls when it comes to meet a guy, first of all pay attention to what his phone and that what brand of his shoes, and not of what he has a kind blue eyes and a great sense of humor, thinking: "if he's not trendy, and not stylish, I immediately send away. But внешость not so hard to change - another hairstyle, other clothes and already a completely different person. But that on the inside, behind the clothing, appearance, change is not easy, and usually impossible... We do not think,therefore, that the substitution of the true moral ideals material обезценила all that is really valuable...