Помогите мне нужен диалог официант и посетитель на английском языке с переводом


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MIKE/ Kate: Hello

WAITRESS: Have you  already made your choise? What do you want to order?

MIKE Hmmm, there’s not much on the menu here. The beef-kabob sounds good, I think.

KATE: Yes, it does, but I think I’m just going to have a sandwich today. Maybe even half of one

WAITRESS: Do you want that on separate checks?

MIKE: Oh, no, one’ll be fine. It’s on me today, Kate.

KATE: Well – thanks, Mike. I’ll treat you next time. Uh, I’ll take half a French dip sandwich – go easy on the mayonese – and I’ll have a cup of coffee with cream.

MIKE: And I’ll have the beef-kabob.

WAITRESS: Okay. Anything to drink?

MIKE: What kind of tea and shakes do you have?

WAITRESS: We have  different kinds of green, flower, black tea and great number of shakes. Take this drinking card. please

MIKE:  Oh. that*s great! I want black tea and strawberry  milk  shake for a girl, please.

WAITRESS: Okay, and what kind of dressing would you like on your salad, ma’am? We have French, Thousand Island and blue cheese

KATE: Blue cheese’ll be fine

WAITRESS: Okay, thank you