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What are the important industrial centres in Britain?
Which two countries cloes the Channel Tunnel link up?
What are the oldest Universities in England?
What are the most famouse museums in London?
What famouse English writers do you know?
What is the most popular English newspaper?
What British holidays customs and traditions do you know?
Where is the capital of the UK situated?
What are the main three parts in London?
What types of schools are there in G.B.?


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4-Eton College
7 - Ben Nevis (Scotland)
8 - Welsh Corgi
9 - Fleet Street 
10 - The Financial Times 
12 - Madame Tussauds 
13 - 221b Baker Street, London 
14 - 10 Downing Street, London
15 - at the Tower of London 
16 - Nelson's Column
18 - a physician
19 - Orlando Bloom
20 - Sean Connery
21 - Prince Andrew, Duke of York