Нужно срочно сегодня, пожалуйста, электронное письмо по английски о поездке за границу

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I always wanted to go abroad. So, I finally gathered. I thought for a long time, who can take with me. I wanted to take friends or family member. Of course, it does' nt matter, as long vacation went well. We went to the shop to buy things needed for the trip. In case of strong  sun, we bought sunscreen, sunglasses, umbrellas and even a folding deck chair. Also we had to buy maps places that we went. After all, without them, we would get lost. Then we bought a lot of new clothes. It was fascinating - to buy things for a trip with friends. Clothing was also bought at the most unpredictable weather. When everything came together, it's time to go to the airport. From there, our plane flew to the place where we stay. We were very happy to get out of the country to see the new, uncharted world. Later we were joined by a man who also came to rest. We thought that the more people the better. Absolutely no matter how much you and I and the people who they are - the main thing that they did not spoil the mood. It is good that we have with a means of communication - telephones. We often separated, and then could not find each other in a strange place. But mobile phones have really helped out. Do not forget to take them with you on a trip! And do not forget to bring plenty of money. They can always come in handy to buy souvenirs, to pay for transportation services. After all, for the hotel, too, need to pay. Trip abroad - a great way to learn more about other countries, other than their home. My friends and I realized that, in the future we plan to travel abroad as often as possible.