Передайте слудующие повелительные предложения в косвенной речи:

1. He said to us:"Come here tomorrow"

2.I said to Mike:"Send me a telegram as soon as you arrive"

3. Father said to me: "Dont stay there long"

4.Peter said to them: Dont leave the room until i come back

5."Take my luggage to room145" he said to the porter

6. He said to me:"Ring me up tomorrow"

7."Bring me a cup of black coffe," she said to the waiter

8."Dont be late for dinner",said other to us

9.Jane said to us:"Please tell me all you know about it"

10.She said to Nick:"Please dont say anything about it to your sister"

11.The teacher said to me: "Hand" this note to your parents, please"

12.Oleg said to his sister:"Pit the letter into anenvelope and give it to Kate

13. "Please help me with this work, Henry," said Robert

14."Please bring me some fish soup, "he said to the waitress

15."Dont worry over such a small thing",she said to me

16."Please dont mention it to anybody, "Mary said to her friend

17. "Promise to come and see me," said Jane to Alise


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1. He told us to go there the next day.
2. I asked Mike to send me a telegram as soon as he arrived.
3. Father told me not to stay there long.
4. Peter told them not to leave the room until he came back.
He told the porter to take his luggage to room 145.
6. He asked me to ring him up
the next day.
She asked the waiter for a cup of black coffee.
Mother told us not to be late for dinner.
9. Jane asked us to tell her all we knew about it.
10. She asked Nick not to say anything about it to his sister.
1. The teacher asked me to hand that note to my parents.
12. Oleg asked his sister to put the letter into an envelope and give it to Kate.
Robert asked Henry to help him with that work.
He asked the waitress for some fish soup.
She told me not to worry over such a small thing.
Mary asked her friend not to mention it to anybody.
Jane asked Alise to come and see her.