Написать отчет про школу, описать проблемы с дисциплиной, 3 главные проблемы и что делать, чтобы все это решить.


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I have a classical day - to - day education. I think that first of the most important problems is iullogical mathematics lesson plan. Some of the our students are autodidacts, cause teachers don't explain anything in tasks solving. We must have a e - learning, if we want to understand the right way to task's solve. Teachers only put assessments in our mark book. It's necessary that your solve concided with teacher's. Otherwise, you have a mark down. The second of the most important is physics learning disability. We have totally eighteen underachieving students in our class. I think, that our teacher must quickly change her education tactic. We need more education researches to learn  material by heart. The third of  the most important problems is frequent technical problems with our coffee machine. I usually drink espresso to cheer up. Otherwise I feel a bit dizzy. It's necessary to hire skilled masters to fix that problem. 
Also, I want to mention absence of doorman. Dozens of underage students swoon and have lung diseases from smoking outside. It's terrible! Our students are self - destroyers and we don't say anything!