Humor is just another defense against the modern world.
Напишите сочинение по данному высказыванию. ЕГЭ. Соблюдая нормы сочинения


Ответы и объяснения

Nowadays, in the modern and progressive world where people are always busy with daily work and routine, we often find ourselves being surrounded by stress, depression and other different oppressive things. They say it is very important to try to deal with it, and that the best thing in fighting the drab existence is humour. As for me, humour plays an essential role in my life. I can say that I am a pretty sensitive and, at the same time, vitally active person, so being in different stressful situations is a frequent phenomenon for me. But humour is a bright flash of light at the end of the grey tunnel of my everyday business. It helps me to look at the sunny side of the same things. In fact, humour protects me from almost everything that can make me feel sad and oppressed. It is surprising, but many people do not see any use in humour. They claim that making one feel cheerful just depends on self-persuasion. In other words, you can feel those emotions which you want to experience. Also, the daily business is a normal thing for these people, so they think there is nothing at all to be depressed from. I cannot absolutely agree with this point as it is impossible to act like a robot for a rather long period of time. I think sooner or later you will be broken down and you will need humour to back on track. To sum up, we must say that humour is a real cure for stressful world. We often need it as a breath of the fresh air.