Помогите задание не маленькое. :с (надо вместо "...." поставить правильный ответ)
Спасибо огромное заранее. с:

1)She is........ lunch at school today/ A. have b.haves c/having 2),,,,,,,,,, you tidying your room at the moment? a.Are b.do c.can 3)........you walk to school? a.do b.are c.have 4)My mother ........cucumber sandwiches for tea now. a.make b.is making c.makes 5)His parents ........... at a bank. a.work b.are working c.works 6)Peter isn`t ........ the animals,he is watering the garden. a.feeding b.to feed c.feeds 7)Jane ..... hard enough for her finals. a.isn`t studying b.aren`t studying c.not studying 8)They ....... football after school a.play b.are playing c.plays 9)You aren`t ........on your homework/ a.concentrates b.concentrate c.concenyrating 10)When ..... she taking her driving exam? a.has b.is c.can 11)Don`t ......... with your mouth full. a.talk b.talking c.talks 12)I ...... like coffee.I prefer tea. a.doesn`t b.do c.don`t 13)Do you have .... milk? a.many b.any c.a few 14)Give Mary the ball.Give it to ........ . a.him b.her c.them 15)Please go to the windows and open ..... . a.them b.your c.it 16)Are you coming to the park with ..... ? a.me b.it c.her 17)This food needs ..... salt. a.a b.an c.some 18)There ...... six students in the classroom today. a.have b.is c.are 19)He doesn`t ...... golf. a.liking b.like c.likes 20)Jane ..... her car every Sunday. a.washes b.washing c.wash
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1)She is having (c) lunch at school today.2) Are (a) you tidying your room at the moment? 3) Do (a) you walk to school?4)My mother is making (b) cucumber sandwiches for tea now.5)His parents work (a) at a bank.6)Peter isn`t feeding (a)the animals,he is watering the garden.7)Jane isn't studying (a) hard enough for her finals. 8)They play (a) football after school.9)You aren`t concentrating (c) on your homework.10)When is (b) she taking her driving exam? 11)Don`t talk (a) with your mouth full. 12)I don't (c) like coffee.I prefer tea.13)Do you have any (b) milk?14)Give Mary the ball.Give it to her (b).15)Please go to the windows and open it (c).16)Are you coming to the park with her (c) ? 17)This food needs some (c) salt.18)There are (c) six students in the classroom today. 19)He doesn`t like (b) golf. 20)Jane washes (a) her car every Sunday.