Упражнение 2. Поставьте следующие предложения в Past и Future Inde­finite, добавляя слова yesterday, tomorrow и т.д. 1. There is а large reading-room in our university. 2. There are thirty students in our group. 3. There is a new film in our club to­day. 4. There is one telephone in our office. 5. There are many stu­dents at the lecture.


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There will be a large reading room in our university tomorrow.
The was thirty students in our group yesterday.
There will be a new film in our club tomorrow.
There was one telephone in our office yesterday.
There was many students at the lecture yesterday.
1. There was а large reading-room in our university last week. 2. There were thirty students in our group yesterday. 3. There it will be a new film in our club yesterday  4. There was one telephone in our office yesterday. 5. There were many stu­dents at the lecturetwo days ago.