Help me pleas ! Определить время
: 6. Flowers are sold in shops and in the streets. 7. St. Petersburg was founded in 1703. 8. Bread is eaten every day. 9. The letter was received yesterday. 10. Nick will be sent to Moscow next week. 11.I was asked at the lesson yesterday. 12.I was given a very interesting book at the library last Friday. 13. Many houses are built in our town every year. 14. This work will be done tomorrow. 15. This text was translated at the last lesson. 16. These trees were planted last autumn. 17. Many interesting games are always played at our PT lessons. 18. This bone will be given to my dog tomorrow. 19. We were invited to a concert last Saturday. 20. Lost time is never found again. 21. Rome was not built in a day.


Ответы и объяснения

6. Present simple
7.  Past simple
8. Present simple
9. Past s.
10. Future simple
11. Past s.
12. Past s.
13 present s.
14. Future s.
15. Past s.
16. Past s.
17. Present s.
18. Future s
19. past simple
20. present s.
21 past s.