Напишите на английском языке описание внешности любой знаменитости! Пожалуйста прошу что-бы текст был не маленьким но и не большим!


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t's been a bizarre and bumpy road for Johnny Depp. He tried to be a rock star, only to see his band split. He moved into serious acting, only to have his credibility destroyed by accidentally becoming a teen pin-up. Then, defying his idol-status, he threw himself into the cinematic underground and slowly, slowly proved himself to be one of the most adventurous and genuinely bohemian actors of his generation, both a serial Oscar nominee and the headliner of some of the biggest moneyspinners in cinema history.
блин это трудно написать
ну напиши очень надо!
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Johnny Depp . He has dark hair,he is 50 years old,black eyes. He has his own taste but exactly he dresses in the fashion. не знаю вот что я смогла написать
я в школе французкий изучаю