Rewrite the sentences using HAVE SOMETHING DONE

1) Holly is going to ask the seamstress to sew her dress.

2) Someone has tidied the garden for Ann.

3) When will they fix his telephone?

4) Ann pays someone to clean the windows every week.

5) Can you tell someone to move those boxes?

6) When will they deliver Dan’s sofa?

7) Sally is going to ask the travel agent to book the tickets.

8) Horward should ask someone to deliver the package.

9) When will you service the car?

10) Dan is going to ask the bank to pay some bills for him.


Ответы и объяснения

1)       Holly is going to have her dress.sewed2)      Ann  has had  the garden tidied 3)       When will he have  his telephone fixed?4)       Ann has the windows cleaned every week.5)       Can we have those boxes moved?6)       When will we have Dan’s sofa delivered?7)       Sally is going to have the tickets.booked8)       Horward should ask have the package delivered9)       When will you have the car serviced?10)   Dan is going to have some bills paid.