Ответы и объяснения

First of all good journalist knows the field of his professional interest. For example, a person, who make news about economics must know economic theory. Also good journalist is mobile, because news happen all over the world and he must be ready to go to other cities and countries. Good journalist should always check information not to make mistakes in news, so he must be very attentive. Then, he must try to make objective news without any ideological influence. Finally, he is an educated person, who learns different things for all his life. For example, new technologies. 
1.       A good education - The clever journalist is known by his ability to separate the human interest from the dull.
2.       A literary bias – it must be a perfect possession of a word, the language and style of the author, the ability to express his thoughts, clearly tell about the event, explain it 3.       Charisma - an individual's ability to attract attention of the audience, to arouse her interest.
4.       A considerable patience - the ability to consider something in its connection with other
5.       Curiosity – journalist`s curiosity is based on the desire to know literally everything, one day it helps him to use these knowledge for the next material.