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Dear Uncle John,How are things with you? Sorry I haven’t written for so long. I hope you are OK. Do you remember us, our Martyushevo, our borsch, pelmeni and, of course, pancakes with honey?We remember you very well because your visit has become an Event for our village. I think it will be interesting for you to know our news. Do you remember Aunt Natasha? She was teaching you to sing Russian national songs and you told her that it was easy for you to remember them. Probably, there is nothing unusual in it. After all, your mum had Russian roots .She immigrated to Great Britain when she was 18 years old. Aunt Natasha died four years ago …. But life is going on. Nowadays everyone in our village has a mobile phone and the Internet, satellite television. But, despite it, young men are leaving our village because there is no work.Uncle John, what are you doing now? Have you finished your book about the Siberian Tatars? How is your sister? Give our regards to her. Are you planning to visit Russia? We’ll be glad to see you in our Martyushevo. Please, write back.I am looking forward to hearing from you.Love,Christina