Помогите написать сочинение на тему мой любимый фильм (желательно ужасы) Пожалуйста!!!!!!!!!


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I love going to the movies and watch different movies .My favorite genres-horror, this is very exciting for me ,but also I like fantasy.I like different kinds of films, because each of them is very interesting and impresses me.Horror movies, so passionately loved by many of us, are intended to scare the audience, call it fear and anxiety. In the event of these tapes is usually the expectation and excitement is accompanied by a slight turn of events, the appearance of horrible monsters or walking dead..I like horror, that some of them: Mirrors, Home on the contrary, the Chamber.These films have a lot of computer graphics and special effects.

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    Usually we see films either in the cinema or on the TV. And from time to time I go to the cinema.

 Nowadays they are so various that can suit different tastes. Some films grab our attention from the very first moment, some seem to be a drag. Beside among different types of films, that is: comedy, romantic drama, western, adventure film, detective film, psychological thriller. Best of all I like horror films, because such films  give me emotions that sometimes can't give other types of films, sych as- fear, expectation, sorrow and joy.

  My favourite film is....This film is excellent. It is difficult to find other words to describe it....