Write the three forms of these regular verbs. do you remember what they mean? then write sentences with the correct forms of these verbs.
to play, to change, to land
1 they/play/tennis/last week.
2 i/never/play/tennis/before.
3 the satellite/land/in the sea/two hours ago.
4 we/ change/ our plan


Ответы и объяснения

1.They played tennis last week. (play-played-played - играть)
2. I have never played tennis before. 
3. The satelite landed in the sea two hours ago. (land - landed - landed -приземляться, высаживаться, сесть, пристать к берегу и т.д.)
4. We have changed our plan.(change - changed - changed - переменять, изменить и т.д.)