1) Choose the right answer to the question:
Does your mother enjoy knitting?
A) No, she don`t ;
B) Yes,
she doesn`t ;
C) No, she doesn`t ;
D) Yes, she does;
E) Yes, she do;

2) Choose the nouns that can`t be used with an indefinite article "а":
A) shoe B)whell C) chocolate D) toothbrush E)country

3)Choose a proper preposition to complete the sentence:
She cycled... the long tunnel almost in the darkness.
A) up b) off C)across D) through E)over

4) Match an e-mail with one of the words :
I`m so sorry, I`ve lost your CD
A) thank; B) suggest; C)explain; D) describe; E) apologise;


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1b 2c 3c 4e  я думаю так

a мне кажется 1 вообще D))