1) Complete there sentences. Write about yourself. Use to ... or-ing.
1 I engoy ...
2 I don't like ...
3 If it's a nice day tomorrow, I'd like ...
4 When I'm on holiday, I like ...
5 I don't mind ... but ...
6 I wouldn't like ...2

2) Complete the answere to the qustions.

1 "Do you usually get up early?" "Yes, I like getting (OR to get) up early.
2 "Do you ever go to museums?" "Yes, I love ..."
3 "Do you often write letters?" "No, I don't like ... "
4 "Have you ever been to New York?" "No, but I'd love ... one day"
5 " Do tou often travel by train?" " Yes, I enjoy ... "
6 "Shall we eat at home or go to a restaurant?" "I don't mind ... a restaurant but I'd prefer ... home."


Ответы и объяснения

I enjoy reading books. I don't like swimming. If it's a nice day tomorrow, I'd like to go to the cinema. When I'm on holiday, I like playing football. I don't mind smoking. I wouldn't like to go there. 1. Getting up early; 2. Going to museums; 3. Writing letters; 4. To be there; 5. Traveling by train; 6. eating, earing