Помогите надо переделать предложения в прошедшее время
1 Last year Queen Elizabeth 2 took part in the ceremony at Westminster Abbey.
2 Where will the meeting take place?
3 Spease guards take care of black ravens in the Tower
4 Please come in. Take your coat off .
5 The tourists take lots of photos / pictures when they visit a new place.
6 Can I take some sugar ? - Sure .


Ответы и объяснения

2. Where did the meeting take place?
3. Special guards took care of black.....
4. He came in and took his coat off. (если предлагать Could you come in? Could you take your coat off?)
5. The tourists took lots of photos/ pictures when they visited a new place.
6. Could I take some sugar?
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первое предложение уже переделано, готово.
оно идет в качестве примера
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