Добавить и переправить, так чтоб предложениые было правильно составленно.

Помогите пожалуйста_срочно нужно..

1. The princess said the bear that she didn`t want to go there alone.

2.The girl told the worl that her grandmother was not very well today.
3.The tortoise is one of the slowest animal in the world, isn`t it?
4. The prince said that he did not see the girl before.
5. The princess asked the bear what was he trying to do.
6. Cinderella`s stepmother said they will do to the ball the next day.
7. There were some shoes under the bed.
8. Rabbit asked Winnie the Pooh did he want the honey.
9. The princess asked the bear to open the door for me.
10. Pooh asked Piglet don`t worry.


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