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Good afternoon, Mr. Manager

I hope you have a good business as I have actually really enjoyed the level of service I got at your restaurant, your waiters and barmen are really friendly and great. However, I would like to complain about a number of things at your location as I was not fully pleased with the quality of food and cleanliness.

To start off, the starter was delicious — I’ve had a green salad with a balsamic sauce. But when I got to the end of it, I’ve found a huge cockroach at the bottom of the plate — that’s not appropriate. On the other hand, the management dealt with this situation immediately, and I am normally a calm person, so I didn’t take it seriously. But when I got the main course, I thought it was a joke — I ordered a beef tenderloin (rare cooked), but I got a well done piece of a brick! It was black, and from the looks of it I’ve started to feel funny. When I tried it, it tasted horrible — impossible to eat, overcooked and too spicy! As I’ve said before, you’re very lucky with the waiters you have, so again they’ve successfully dealt with the situation, giving me a discount. I can’t say that he evening was ruined, as the wine I had was terrific, but, seriously, change you chefs, as they are not keeping up the good job the rest of the staff does.

By the way, the desserts were amazing.

Overall, the dinner was fine, but it could be better — just train your chefs properly and clean the guest area! Empty dishes on the other tables are not fitting the atmosphere!

Yours faithfully, Mr. X
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Ой, где "I got the main course arrived", убери "arrived", должно получиться "But when I got the main course"