Небольшой рассказ на тему "Роль музыки в жизни"Срочно как никогда!По английски только)


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Everyone gets used from birth to hear music. Everyone has a favorite style of music, music that relaxes and that which is annoying. All we have noticed that the role of music in our lives is large enough, music can affect our mood, soothe and uplift us as well worsen it.
Why do different people like different music and how it affects our lives? Music builds a special subculture, changing people's views on lots of things, creates a style of dress, communication style, life-style.

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The music is an integral part of our life, is our support. It is like your personal creature, which can calm, cheer up or even miff! Also for hundred thousands of people music is an important and responsible work that makes people concentrate a lot and brings both money and joy.