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Once lived two sisters, twins named Stella and Sorin. They were brave and girls were not afraid nor darkness , nor of spiders or other creepy creatures. While other little girls and boys when something frightened , hid in fear , Stela and Sorina were not afraid of anything and always walked with her ​​head held high . They were obedient girls always helped his father and mother. It was the best children what only could ask God , but their courage was the cause of their death.
Once, Stela and Sorina went with his mother to the woods to pick berries . The day was clear and serene , and even when they went deep into the forest , only a little light became dimmer . Their mother told them that they would not leave her , and they listened to her because they were obedient children .
It was almost noon when they are faced with a tall man .
He stood in a clearing , dressed all in black , as a nobleman . He was surrounded by a large shadow, he had a lot of hands, they were long, as serpents and as sharp as swords. They writhed like worms , impaled on the hook. He did not say anything , but somehow made ​​it clear that he wants.
Girls' mother tried not to listen, but could no longer resist the tall man , she could not disobey him because almost stopped breathing . She went into the clearing , her daughter followed her .
" Stela " , - said the mother . "Take my knife , and drew a circle on the ground , large enough so that it could go ."
Stele , which is not afraid of a tall man was confused trembling voice of the mother , and she has performed implicitly , that she was told .
" Sorina ," - said the mother . "Take the berries and their eruption in a circle. Crush them underfoot , until juices cover the earth . "
Though Sorina wondered why her mother asks her about it, she obeyed , because she was a good girl .
" Stela " , - said the mother . " Lie down in a circle ."
Although Stella was afraid that blurs the dress, she still did as asked his mother .
" Sorina ," - said the mother . "Take a knife and let the blood sister ."
Sorin said that can not and will not do it .
"Please," - said the mother . " If you do not , it will be even worse ... much worse ... "
But Sorin could not comply with the request of the mother. Instead, she threw the knife and ran home crying . She hid under the bed, and for the first time in my life scared. She waited until haying returned with her ​​father , and told him about what happened to them in the woods. Father comforted the frightened girl and assured her that she was safe . Then he went into the woods , taking with him a sharp ax . Stela stayed home waiting for him , sitting by the fireplace .
After a while , she got tired and fell asleep. She was awakened by a knock at the door. Was late at night.
" Who's there? " - She asked.
" This is your father ," - said the voice.
"I do not believe you ! " - Reply Sorin.
"It's your sister ," - said the voice.
" That can not be ! " - Screamed Sorin.
" It's your mother ," - said the voice , - " and I told you that it is much worse ... "