1) It's quite rare to find elderly grandparents living together with their adult children.2)when children grow up they move out of their parents' houses .3) Grandparents living close to their small grandchildren are found much more often in the countryside.
мне нужно к каждому предложению написать обоснования, что действительно это так, потому что....., помогите пожалуйста!!!


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1.I agree with this opinion, because I  know only a few adult persons, who'd live with their elderly grandparents. In my opinion that is, because when children become  grown and  usually go to an university or get to a work  , they often forget about  their grands who were ever given them all of their love and help,when their relatives needed.
2.Thats right ,because when children do things like that , what happens very often, they want to show their independence.
3.All of grandparents want to live vicinity with new young and adult  generation of their family and help them or give them their experience.