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Jane and her friend discussed Jane's Granny, who had widowed and lived in a home for elderly people.
Jane's friend was surprised with the fact and said he(she) heard that in Britain many adult children put their parents into old people's homes.
Jane replied that most adult children really cared of their parents and told about their family situation. Her Granny became so helpless that she was unable to look after herself properly. That's why her children had to put her into a home for elderly people.
Then Jane's friend wondered why they hadn't brought their Granny to their home. Jane explained it was her choice as all the relatives were busy too much to look after her properly.
Also Jane told about Granny's living in the home for elderly people and tried to persuade her friend that her Granny felt good enough about living there.
Then Jane's friend supposed such a situation could make family relationships worse. Jane admitted it was a problem for many families in Britain, so her friend didn't like such a solution to the problem of taking care of elderly people.