Напишите сочинение на английском языке (слов 50) про какого-нибудь супергероя. Срочно!!


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Wolverine - mutant superhero, a veteran of many wars, uncontrollable and extremely tenacious killing machine, the greatest of the X-Men and one of the main characters of the Marvel universe.
Life Wolverine begins in the state of Alberta, Canada, 1882. Mutant, which we know as "Logan", was named after James and was the second son of Элизабеты and John Хоулетта Article, the owners of large поместья.Росомаха mutant with some of both natural and man-made changes in their physiology. His inborn ability of an accelerated healing process, usually called Regeneration or Healing factor. This ability allows gluttons restore damaged areas of the body much faster than the average person. This ability to facilitate change, which put him in a body in the framework of the program «Weapon X», during which its skeleton was strengthened indestructible alloy адамантием.
Wolverine became an expert in all types of martial arts and toured and gained experience in almost any place on the Earth as a battlefield