Помогите составить сочинение по английскому 5 класс про какую-либо достопримечательность Лондона! Заранее спасибо!

на английском?
у меня в такомже вопросе,е сть ответ
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Big Ben is the most recognizable landmark London. In General, big Ben is the name of the great bell of the clock, located in the Northern part of the Palace of Westminster in London, although the name is also often used to denote hours or clock tower in General. This is part of the architectural complex of the Palace of Westminster. Official name - «the Clock tower of the Palace of Westminster», it is also called the «Tower of St. Stephen.» «Big Ben» is the building itself and watch together with the bell. The name of the tower originated from the name of the 13-ton bell, installed inside it. Big Ben is the largest four-sided clock with bells and third highest clock tower in the world. In may 2009 watch celebrated their 150th anniversary (watch for the first time opened on 31 may numerous observances.

The nearest London underground station Westminster he ze circle (Westminster on the Circle line, District and Джабили (Jubilee).