(1)Read the text and fill in the blanks with Past Simple of the verbs in brackets. Hello! My name is Helen. When I ________ (be) ten I ________(like) going to school but I ________ ( not/like) Maths. I ________ (like) English. In the morning I usually ________(stay) at school until lunch time and then I ________(walk) home. After lunch I always ________(help) my mother in the kitchen. I ________(do) the washing up and ________(clear) the table. Then I ________ (study) for an hour. After that I always ________(play) with my friends in the park. After dinner I often ________ (watch)

Are these sentences
true (T) or false (F)?
A) Helen
was happy when she was ten. _____

B) She
didn´t help her mother. _____

C) Her
favourite school subject was Math. _____

D) She
usually stayed at school until dinner. ____

E) Helen
played with her friends at home. _____

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Was, liked, didn't like, liked, stayed, walked, helped, did, cleared, studied, played, watched. A) f; b) f; c) f; d) f; e) f