Напишите рекламу на английском языке про че-нибудь только не сильно большую.


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Petal-Drops: for the girl who wants a petal-soft skin With Petal-Drops Moisturising Bath-Essence you can give your skin a petal-fresh softness and fragrance that will last and last the whole day through. 
Because Petal-Drops is a special blend of mild soapless oils, delicately perfumed herbal essences and the gentlest of toning agents — all combined with loving care to give that oh-so-good-to-be-alive feeling. 
Relax. Petal-Drop your way to a smooth, silky skin. 
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Hotei Caliente, Barcelona 

Sea, sun, sand, seclusion — and Spain! 
You can have all these — at a price that is hard to believe — when you visit the new Hotel Caliente. 
Set in cool, palm-fringed grounds, but only twenty sun-soaked steps from the beach this new luxury hotel looks out on a magnificent sweep of the Costa Brava. 
You'll only have one point of view about the rooms when you've considered their carpeted comfort and their crisp, neat, individual decor. And the rooms have only one point of view about the sea — towards it! 
Bask on the balcony — you can still keep an eye on the children, even if they won't come in from that beach. 
And in the evening explore the excitements of our uniquely varied menu. 
No need to hurry, either. A special microphoned baby-sitting system sees to that. 
If you haven't heard enough already to start you reaching for your pen, remember the swimming-pool. And the cabaret. And the room service. 
Oh! — and the price. You certainly won't forget that. 
Write for details to the Manager.