1)What time IS IT?

It's three o'clock.

2)Where ------------------------------------?

Tom and Jess are in Blackdown House.

3)Whose -----------------------------?

The children's mother is worried.

4)How many -----------------?

They can see three people.

5)What -----------------------------------------------?

The servants want the key to the secret room.

6)Why ---------------------------------------------------------------------?

They want to go into the secret room because there is gold in it.

7)How much ---------------------------------?

There's a lot of gold in the secret room.


Ответы и объяснения


2. Where are Tom and Jess&

3.Whose mother is worried?

4.How many people can they see?

5.What do the servants want?

6.Why do they want to go into the secret room?

7.How much gold is there in the secret room?