Ad adjective suffixes to the verbs given below.
make use of -ent, or -ant, -able or -ible, -ive,-ed, -ing, -some, -ile,
-(at)ory;-worthy. soon
became (appar) that she was telling a

nothing(amaze ) about walking home alone.

3. parents
like their children to be(obey).

4. you
should be more (persuade) if you want to get the job.

5. she is a
kind of (quarrel), you'd better avoid her.

6. do you
think is (advise)to wait.

7. we were
sure he was a (trust ) person.

8. any
physical effort should be preceded by some (prepare)training.

9. she is
hardly(distinguish) from her twin sister.

10. the
most (annoy) thing is that yoг lied to us.


Ответы и объяснения

1. Apparent
2. Amazing
3. Obedient
4. Persuadable
5. Quarrelsome
6. Advised
7. Trustworthy
8. Preparative
9. Distinguishable
10. Annoying