Comment on the following statement: Our lives would all be enriched greatly if we could have a chip planted in our brains enabling us to speak any language we wished. However, this idea could have some disadvantages too. What can you say for and against this idea? Write an essay of 120-180 words using the plan below.


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As for me, I like this idea. It would change our life immensely. The chip like this will bring a lot of advantages to our life and will make the communication easier and more comfortable. I believe it’ll be useful to scientists al over the world. Thanks to this chip  scientists will be able to communicate with there colleagues all over the world/ More over, it’ll help correspondents and mass-media people to comment on world events and news taking place in countries their languages they do not speak. Politicians will no longer need the assistance of translators, people will read books and watch television programs from different countries in there native languages.

But at the same time our life will become dull and, as for me, rather boring. There will be no longer need of learning foreign languages.  People will use the chip to understand the meaning and, as soon as technical or machinery translation lacks feelings and can’t transmit human emotions, our life will become dull. We’ll become computers ourselves - we’ll know and understand everything but within the definite limits. Chips can’t think and feel. They can only transmit the information they have. This will make our life colorless.

 So, every invention has it’s advantages and disadvantages.