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Жила-была рыжая лиса. Хвостик у нее был самым пушистым в лесу. Когда она бежала по снегу, хвостиком заметала все свои следы. Шубка у лисы была красивого рыжего цвета. Глазки были черные, хитрые. Не зря в лесу говорили, что лиса - самая хитрая плутовка, потому что любила обманывать других зверей. Но больше всех в лесу лисы боялся заяц. Но зимой он был белого цвета, это помогало ему прятаться от рыжей плутовки.
There was a red Fox. Tail she was the most fluffy in the forest. When she ran on the snow, tail заметала all their tracks. Coat Fox was a beautiful red color. Eyes were black, cunning. Not in vain in the forest said that Fox is the most cunning fellow, because she loved to deceive other animals. But most of all the foxes in the forest afraid hare. But in winter it was white, it helped him hide from the red cheats.
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The cheetah is one of the fastest animals on Earth, reaching speeds of close to 60 miles per hour (100 kilometers per hour) while chasing prey.
Cheetahs are big cats, a bit smaller than lions or tigers. Cheetahs have a yellow to brown coat covered with black spots. Their coloring helps them hide in bushes and grass. Cheetahs are built for speed. Their bodies are muscular and streamlined. They have long legs and backs that let them take big steps. They have long tails to help them keep their balance and large hearts and lungs that help them breathe easily.
Cheetahs live in dry places, such as grasslands. They can go a long time without water
Cheetah cubs learn to hunt by following their mothers. They can live to 12 years of age in the wild and 16 years of age in zoos