Match the sentences in A and the definitions in B which correspond to the words in bold.

1.Many parents do not allow their children to do dangerous sport.
2.The number of football fans has increased dramatically in the last two years.
3.A serious sportsman,he is proud of his level of fitness.
4.Tennis has helped me to acquire quick reaction.
5.As a result of doing downhill skiing i overcame my feat of high speed.
6.The usual weight of a baby birth is just about three kilograms.
7.The weather is horrible! I only hope it improves by Saturday and we'll go yachting.
8.He's got a very positive outlook on life and the world.
9.In the last two years the percentage of those who are not into sports has decreased from 53 to 41

a)Gain,to come to possess
b)make batter
c)general attitude
d)make or become larger
e)how heavy something or somebody is
f)make or become less
g)let somebody do something
h)state of being
g healthy and strong
i)fight successfully against something

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