Раскройте скобки употребляя глаголы в past simple vs present Conntinuou и переведите в приложения 1) I (not to know) what to give my brother for his birthday2)They (to want) to publish this book in July 3)She (to think) he ( to drive) dangerously. 4)He ( to understand) that he (to eat) noisily but hr always (to forget) about it. 5)Who that man (to be) who ( to stand) in the doorway You WAYS(not ti recognize) him It (to be) John my cousin I(TO HAVE) NO TIME NOW I (TO HAVE) DINNER OUR FAMILY(TO LEAVE)ST PETERSBURG IN SUMMER YES WE ALWAYS (TO GO) TI THE SASIDE WE ALL (TO LIKE) THE SEA MOTHER (TO STAY) WITH US TO THE END IF aUGUST BUT FATHER ( TO RETURN)mush earlier 8)Where Tom and Nick 9to be) now THey (tohave) a smoke in the garden. 9)What you (to be) here now WE (TO LISTEN) TO TAPE RECORDINS 10)yOU (TO WANT) TO SEE MY FATHER YAE I ... 11) michael (to know) German rather well He (to want) to know England too but he9 to have)


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1. I don't know what to give my brother for his birthday. 2. Do the want to publish this book in July? 3. She thinks that he is driving dangerously. 4. he understands that he is eating noisily but he always forgets about it. 5. Who is that man  who is standing in the doorway? 6. I  have no time now, I am having dinner. 7.Does your family leave to St. Petersburg in summer? – Yes, we always  go to the seaside. We all  like the sea. Mother stays with us to the end of August, but father  returns much earlier 8. Where are Tom and Nick now? – They is having a smoke in the garden. 9. What are you  doing here now? – We are listening to tape recordings. 10. Do you  want to see my father? – Yes, I do. 11. Michael  knows German rather well. He  wants to know English, too, but he  has little time for it now. 12. What magazine do you  read? – It is a French magazine. There are good articles on sports here. Are you  interested in sports? – Yes, I am. but I don't know French. 13. We are having an English lesson now. 14. He  feels in a position to lend her money. 15. I  think she does not  feel safe there. 16. do you  see what I  mean? 17. Do you  hear what she  says? 18. He does not  feel at liberty to tell you the truth. 19. Ron has got a new job. He earns a fortune as a managing director. They  think he is a bag of money.