СРОЧНО!!!!111!!СПАСИБО СРАЗУ.Сс по английскому на тему техники улучшающую жизнь человека!!!!


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Technology has become a part of our lives. Internet technology has changed our life in numerous ways and it is difficult to keep a count on them. Technology has changed the way people communicate. Communication systems have evolved from pigeons carrying messages to emails and instant messages that travel long distances in seconds.

The global world trade and business has become faster, easier and more reliable in the last years. It is easier to book flights, railway tickets, bus tickets with the help of computers and the internet.

Computers, PowerPoint presentations and the Internet technology have become an integral part of education. Now we have a great opportunity to study in interactive classrooms with 3D images and projectors. It is the key to make the students competent enough to meet the industry requirements.